I am a jack of all trades and a master of none.  Many have accused me of being too smart for my own good and stubborn.  I am easily amused and excited.  I am single and 37.  I live with my 3 cats who are my children, not far from Manhattan.  I love them more than life.  Crowds intimidate and overwhelm me a lot.  I prefer more casual and intimate settings to hang out with friends.  I am a woman so by nature I am sensitive and emotional.  It’s impossible to defy biology.

My hobbies include photography, art, ballet, repurposing things, do-it-yourself projects, girly stuff, like make up, hair, and toiletries.  I am not into following fashion trends.  I create my own style.  Organic foods, fermenting anything, cooking, indoor gardening, building vertical gardens, research and reading.  Bowling and basketball are my two favorite sport activities I engage in.  Sewing calms me.  I cannot knit or crotchet if my life depended on it.  I hope to change that some day. 

As a child I used to build dollhouses and make all the furniture for them. My grandmother put a paint brush in my hand before I held a pencil. Instead of making mud pies, I sculpted things with modeling clay. Instead of eating berries and flowers I made face paint out of them by extracting their pigments.  When my parents could not find me it was because I fell asleep at the top of the cherry or pear tree at the summer house.  The last time I rode a bike I hit a rock the wrong way and landed in a thorn bush.  I am extremely accident prone to say the least.  In the summer they could not keep me out of the water or clothes on me for that matter.  🙂 

Ballet, chess club and theater were my extra curricular activities in school.  I played the violin and cello once upon a time.  Not anymore. I was cast as Cheshire cat and Sugar plum Fairy.  I never got to play Alice or Clara.  Which made me sad growing up until I realize that Cheshire was cooler than Alice anyways!  I find that I intimidate most men. A few have accused me of being emasculating. My defense is that I am not very patient, and well they should learn how to be more secure with their manhood.  This is not 1960.  A woman should be able to screw in a light bulb herself.  Plus, if I had to wait around for a man to get things done, I’d die of old age.  

My first modeling gig was at age 13 for my mom’s hairdresser.  I was never tall enough for my modeling to go much further than commercial and fashion print.  I’m not in my teens or twenties anymore.   When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a commercial artist.  So, I became a graphic designer and photographer.  I discovered that I am much happier behind the lens anyways. I also discovered that when I put a pen to paper magic happens.  It’s the one skill I have spent my lifetime honing.  Writing. I find it cathartic.


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